5Q: Center back Jack Philp

Kitsap SC's resident Scot talks about the biggest misconceptions about Scotland, whether Puget Sound weather compares to home and his favorite deep-fried food.

5Q: Center back Jack Philp

Kitsap Soccer Club defender Jack Philp is a year removed from playing in his homeland of Scotland. So in this week’s 5Q, Philp talked about the biggest misconceptions about Scotland, how close the weather is to what we see in the Puget Sound area and his favorite deep-fried delicacy.

1, What do you miss about Scotland?

I think back home, my dad was at every game. Over here, that’s a bit of a commute, coming over here. But in terms of playing, I think anywhere I’m playing, I’m at home because I’ve got a ball at my feet.

2, What is the biggest misconception about Scotland when you get outside of it?

I’d probably say that we all kick about in kilts during the day, playing the bagpipes and eating haggis. I think the view is very stereotypical, like from the dark ages or something. It depends on the person, but I’ve had a few belters.

3, The Scottish are famous that they’ll deep fry anything. What’s your favorite deep-fried food?

When I was a boy, I used to go watch Hibernians at Easter Road and my go-to would be a deep-fried half pizza. That always hit the spot for me.

4, You’ve been here for a couple months now. How does Puget Sound weather compare to Scotland?

I’ve heard it’s very similar in terms of the rain, as we’re experiencing today (it was misting when we interviewed Jack). But in terms of the weather, we got a good two weeks of sun and I wouldn’t be laying by the pool back home. That’s for sure.

5, Lastly, how did you feel about Scotland’s 2-2 draw with England last weekend?

I missed the game because we were training, but I was getting live updates from Joe (center back Joe Harris) on his phone, because he’s injured. I thought we got it when we were down to the last two or three kicks in the last few minutes of the game. Then typical Scotland, we a silly mistake to gift them the draw. But it’s a big point in terms of World Cup qualifying, so I have to take it for what it is.

— By Rob Shore