5Q: Forward Ryan Hill

Who is the player he patterns himself after? It's not who you might think

5Q: Forward Ryan Hill

In this week’s edition of 5Q, forward Ryan Hill talks about the player he’s tried to emulate (not what you’d think as a forward), whether the season has met his expectations and how he’s always wanted to play for Kitsap Soccer Club.

1, What do you think is the strongest part of your game?


I just kind of lean on my workrate. I’m a pretty fit player, I like to think and reasonably strong. So I like to work hard and close people out and chase after balls and win balls in the air. I think that’s the best part of my game.

2, Is there a player whose game you’ve tried to emulate consciously?

Consciously? There’s so many greats. It’s interesting, because I’m kind of a … one player I would compare myself to is (Seattle Sounders center back) Brad Evans a little bit. He’s a player who could go play any position on the field — he’s more of a defensive player, I’m more of an attacking player. But from that kind of mentality, the coach can put me in anywhere and I can do any role and be physical with it and athletic. So he’s someone I admire greatly and emulate.

3, Who is your most interesting teammate?

I’d say me and Nana (Boakye) go at it. Me and Nana have a little fun in warmups. We warm up together, so all the different drills we do, we’re pretty competitive with it. He’s kind of a character, on and off the field. So he’s a fun guy to have around.

4, Has this season so far met your expectations?

It’s met and exceeded my expectations. Not every NPSL team has the resources and the coaching staff and fan base that Kitsap SC has here. We’re super-fortunate to have all that, and I’m thankful for it every day. And in terms of the results the team is getting, you can’t ask for any more than that. I personally felt I’ve grown a lot this season, and so has the team.

5, What would it mean for you to win the division?

It would be huge. As a local guy, I’ve always looked at Kitsap Soccer Club, and it was somewhere I wanted to play in high school and before. To have an opportunity (to win the division) my first year, it’d be huge, it’d be great. I’d love it.

5A, You wanted to play for Kitsap when you grew up in Mercer Island?

Absolutely, I’ve known their coaches a long time and they’d tell me they were a professional club at that time, and I was just going to college at that time and I’d lose my eligibility. But I was always bugging their coach about coming out for a training session. It’s the best team you can play for in Washington, besides the Sounders.

— By Rob Shore