5Q: Center back Jack Sluys

The Pumas' defender talks about his defensive partnership with Max Schellmann, how he passes time on the road and his thoughts on the team at the halfway point

5Q: Center back Jack Sluys

In this week’s 5Q, we asked center back Jack Sluys (rhymes with “house”) his thoughts on where the team stood at the midpoint of the season, his partnership with Max Schellman in defense and his favorite way to pass time on road trips. (Note: These questions were asked before last week’s loss at Spokane.)


1, Do you like where this team is halfway through the season?

I think we’re moving in the right direction. It’s been good this past week. We’ve been playing well and we really stepped up our game these past couple weeks and I’m looking forward to the second half of the season.


2, You’ve had a nice defensive partnership with Max Schellmann the last couple of games. How has the chemistry between you come together?

I think it’s very good. We listen to each other and we trust each other. I tell him cover and he tells me to cover and we have good communications. It leads to clean sheets like (the 2-0 victory over PDX FC).



2a, Did that chemistry come right away or did it take some time?

It took a little time. We had good chemistry from the start, but it always takes time to develop. But it’s been great, we hope to build off this clean sheet and have a few more this season.


3, You have a few road trips coming up this season. What’s your favorite way to pass time on the road?

Probably listening to music, I would say. Even though it’s like five hours to Spokane, I would say probably listening to music.


3a, What kind of music?

Ooh, before games? Classical.


3b, Do you have a favorite piece you like to listen to?

Nuvole Bianche, my favorite. It’s the last song I listen to before every game.


4, Is there any play you’ve conscisously tried to model your game after?

I like to take from several players. I love Sergio Ramos. I think he’s a great player, I like his aggression and his leadership. But I like to model after Dutch-style football, from the Netherlands, where I’m from. Just to really be technical and move the ball well. So Wesley Sneijder, he’s a center mid, I like to have the ball control that he does. Really those two are really key to me.


5, Who is your most interesting teammate?

Between Aria (Shahmirzadi) and Tomas (Jamett), those two. … Because Aria, his age (laughs) … and Tomas, his energy. He has more energy than any person I’ve ever seen.   


— By Rob Shore