About Our Club

Kitsap Soccer Club, formed in 2008, is an American soccer team based in Bremerton, Washington. The franchise was transferred to the region following its life as the USL-1 Seattle Sounders.

Kitsap SC endeavors to provide our community with quality soccer entertainment while helping develop players who will be promoted to higher levels of the sport. While we will field a team that can compete for championships, it is also important to cultivate their talent by providing an experienced coaching staff, a professional environment, and high-level competition.

Our focus is on building strong foundations within the local business community and with our supporters groups. As Kitsap’s local team, we intend to support all youth clubs, school and university teams, and adult leagues by offering and assisting with additional programs.

Kitsap SC will conduct business operations in a professional manner to foster long-term relationships with businesses and organizations. It is our desire to partner with Kitsap-owned businesses as sponsors.

Club Success