5Q: Center back Tyler LaCourse

One of Kitsap SC's newest additions talks about how he signed with the club, the challenge of the NPSL and what we can expect from a college teammate.

5Q: Center back Tyler LaCourse

Oral Roberts center back Tyler LaCourse, a 19-year-old freshman, was one of four player signings announced by Kitsap Soccer Club last week (plus five more this week) as we count down to the team’s debut season in the National Premier Soccer League. So we posed five questions (or so) to one of the team’s newest additions.

1. How did you come to sign with Kitsap SC?


“I talked with my coach about wanting to play this summer. My team (Oral Roberts) was playing the University of Washington in Seattle. And the Kitsap coaches saw me and another player, Javo Reyes. The Kitsap coaches said they were interested. I saw the things they had done and it was (a club) I wanted to be a part of. It was a done deal, you know. And I decided to sign with them.”

2. How would you describe yourself as a player?

“I’d say my greatest strength is probably in the air. Anything in the air, I consider to be my ball. I like to take pride in my area of the field; I don’t like to let people get past me. I’m a ‘territorial player.’ I try to be a technical center back, a different center back than what you see most times.”

3.What sort of challenge will it be to play in the NPSL?

“I think it will be a little bit harder than what I’ve seen in college. Especially as a young player, I’ve definitely got some developing to do. But I think I’ll be able to come in and play and hang with other guys. I practiced with an NPSL team here last summer in Tulsa. So that will help me transition with the speed of play, from the college speed to the NPSL speed.”

4. What were your first impressions of the Pacific Northwest?

“I completely loved it, I told my parents I could see myself living there. The opportunity to come up there is ironic and awesome to me. I got to see Seattle and Spokane, so I got to see the rural, as well as the big-city, downtown area.”

4A. What are you looking forward to about coming back?

“I love that type of weather, so I’ll enjoy that. I’m from Tulsa, Oklahoma, and you never hear anyone say, ‘I’m going to beautiful Tulsa, Oklahoma.’ I’m looking forward to going to a unique city. It’s going to be a refreshing change.”

5. What can Kitsap SC fans expect from your college teammate, Javo Reyes?

“Javo is probably the hardest-working player this program had ever seen. We have a system of core values on the team. The team is supposed to be hard-working; we’re supposed to be a unit. Javo embodies every value our coaches asked him to. In addition to being a well-rounded soccer player, he’s a well-rounded person. He’s probably the most popular player here, and I expect him to be the same at Kitsap. Great distribution, very calm on the ball – just a great center midfielder.”

— By Rob Shore