Kitsap SC, DexaFit Seattle/Kitsap join forces for 2017

Players will take advantage of fitness services during upcoming NPSL campaign

DexaFit Seattle/Kitsap joins Kitsap SC for the 2017 season

Kitsap Soccer Club announced DexaFit Seattle/Kitsap will be joining the club as a sponsor for the 2017 National Premier Soccer League season.

DexaFit Seattle/Kitsap is the Kitsap County area’s first pro-quality health and fitness biometric testing center for amateur athletes or anyone who wants to transform their lives by getting stronger and healthier. The center offers a full range of testing including DXA Body Composition Scans, V02 Max, Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) and other services.

Kitsap SC associate head coach Liviu Bird said the club would also be joining with DexaFit to gauge their players’ fitness throughout the 2017 season.

“We’re excited about our new partnership with DexaFit because it will certainly enhance the professionalism of our program and give us something new and unique to offer our players,” Bird said. “Any additional data and feedback you can give the players that shows them where they stand can only help them reach their ultimate goal of being a professional, as long as they and we use is correctly.”

Joel Yakowitz, who owns of DexaFit Seattle/Kitsap with his wife Tiffany, was enthusiastic about working with Kitsap SC.

“We couldn’t be more excited to partner with Kitsap SC,” Joel said. “Our custom body composition scans and metabolic cardio tests will help the players know their body even better, optimize strength and endurance and ultimately improve performance. We’re proud to work with an organization that shares our commitment to health and physical activity, not just for trained athletes like the players of Kitsap SC, but our community as a whole.”

Joel and Tiffany launched DexaFit Seattle/Kitsap in November 2016 after more than 33 years of experience in the health, fitness and medical imaging fields.

“I’m here because I have an incredible opportunity to help people take control of their health and shift their focus from treatment to prevention of illness and injury,” Joel said. “It’s about improving community health and empowering people with tools and knowledge to make the best, most informed choice about their health and lives.”

Training sessions for Kitsap Soccer Club are set to begin on May 1, and the regular-season opener against the Spokane Shadow SC is scheduled for May 20 at Gordon Field at the Kitsap County Fairgrounds in Bremerton.