5Q: Right back Anthony Mota

One of Kitsap SC's new additions talks about the tryout that brought him to the team this season, where he thinks he's improved as a college player and his role model in the sport.

5Q: Right back Anthony Mota

University of Great Falls right back Anthony Mota, a 21-year-old graduating senior, was one of a handful of player signings announced by Kitsap Soccer Club last week as we continue to move toward the team’s first season in the National Premier Soccer League. We posed five questions to one of the team’s newest additions.

Associate head coach Liviu Bird said you impressed the coaches at a tryout last year. Do you remember much about that tryout?


I just remember talking to (former coach Cameron) MacDonald in his office after the tryout. They said they were impressed with me and wanted to sign me, but I had one year of collegiate soccer left. So if I signed, couldn’t go back and play college. He told me to come back next year. That’s all I remember.

How much do you think that tryout played a part in you joining the team now?

It played a pretty big part. I don’t think they heard about me before. That’s where they heard about me and saw me and it opened the door to the invitational tryout this year.

How would you describe yourself as a player?

I would say I’m a pretty good team player. I take criticism well. I’m a hard worker.

Where do you think you’ve made the most progress after playing four seasons in college?

I think the most progress I’ve made is in my physicality. I’m a lot stronger, a lot faster and also my mentaility, it has improved a lot. I’m a lot more mentally tough now.

Is there any player you have consciously modeled your game after?

I always watched the pros. I look up to Messi (Barcelona legend Lionel Messi) a lot. We’re the same height; he’s been my role model since I was a little kid. He’s the player I learned the most from.

Do you have any expectations for what the season will be like?

Not many. I’m looking forward to the challenge and looking forward to getting seen by a lot of coaches in higher leagues, which is what I’m hoping for. Playing with players from other countries and learning from them.

— By Rob Shore