5Q: Center back Joe Harris

What impact does he see from Friday's win, who is his favorite player and what does he miss about Albuquerque?

5Q: Center back Joe Harris

Center back Joe Harris is one of the most experience players on the roster of Kitsap SC, just finishing his collegiate career at Seattle University — a career that began at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque. Before that, he was the Young Player of the Year for Wellington United in his native New Zealand. In this week’s 5Q, Harris talked about the impact of last week’s big comeback against FCM Portland and what he misses about Albuquerque.


1, What do you see as the biggest impact from Friday’s win over FCM Portland?

I think the biggest impact from the game Friday is that we as a team really came together and figured that we’re capable of achieving quite a lot. But it won’t be given to us at all unless we play with determination, so we have to bring it every week and give it our best efforts. That we can come back from 2-0 (down) at halftime, is definitely a testament to our determination, but we don’t want to put ourselves in that position every week.

2, How do you feel the defense has played so far?

I think it’s been OK. Obviously we’d like to not have given up any goals, and we’ve given up three. We want to improve on that. That being said though, we haven’t been broken down – we’ve given up goals on costly turnovers and a set piece. That’s happened in games, but we haven’t been broken down in that sense. But we don’t want to give up scrappy goals going forward.

3, How would you describe your playing style?

I think I’m a pretty honest player. Lots of what I do is through effort, like a hard tackle. I read the game pretty well. I’m not the quickest player on two feet, so I try to let ball movement do the work for me. I’ll leave the fancy stuff to the more exciting players.

4, Who is your favorite footballer (or soccer player)?

(Former Chelsea midfielder) Frank Lampard. He played the game in a way that I tried to model my game a little bit on him. He always seems to find his way into the box for a goal.

5, Do people ask you about Albuquerque because of Breaking Bad?

Yeah, they often do. Once of the reasons people think of Albuquerque is because of Breaking Bad. But it’s beautiful and has really friendly people. I met some really amazing people and had the same experience when moved up to Seattle and played for Seattle U.

5A, Besides the weather, what”s the biggest difference between Albuquerque and the Puget Sound area?

The weather is definitely a big one. I think the Puget Sound area is on the West Coast and the doorstep to lots of people arriving to America. It’s more of a multiculture area and our team is a great example of that. But being in Albuquerque, I found an affection for green chili, and I haven’t found a place here that does it the right way.

— By Rob Shore