5Q: Goalkeeper Paul-Andre Guerin

The Kitsap goalie talks about who he models his own game after and his most interesting teammate

5Q: Goalkeeper Paul-Andre Guerin

French goalkeeper Paul-Andre Guerin has found a rich vein of form of late for Kitsap SC, posting a pair of clean sheets in recent 1-0 victories at Spokane SC Shadow and OSA FC. In this week’s 5Q, the Cal State Fullerton product talks about his chemistry is Kitsap’s other keeper Joe Wheelwright, the frustration of a few days off after two shutouts and the goalkeeper he tries to model his game after.


1, What sort of chemistry do you have with the other keeper, Joe Wheelwright?

The chemistry is real good. At the beginning when we started, he started the first game, then I started the next game and we switched. He helped me to get better every day, because he’’s very good. We challenge each other every day. It’s a good competition.

2, After posting consecutive clean sheets, is it frustrating to have so much time off? (Since their victory over OSA FC, Kitsap has 10 days off until their next match at Pierce County FC.)

Yeah, sure, because we played two games in a row in three or four days and we won those two games. With the game we’re not playing, it seems kind of longer.

3, How would you describe yourself as a goalkeeper?

I don’t know, I just try to do my best every day and not think about what I do.

4, Who is a goalkeeper you try to model yourself after?

I would say Hugo Lloris, the French goalie. I think he’s the best. He’s smart and I like his style.

5, Who do you think is your most interesting teammate?

I would say Chuy (midfielder Jesus Sanchez), because he’s the oldest one and he has the most experience on the team. But I would also say Mike, because he’s quiet and he works hard every day and he shows enthusiasm every day.